Setting Goals

So in my last post (well, my last one before my last one) I said that I had a goal of running 26.2 in 2013, that I was going to do the full Pittsburgh Marathon. I didn’t meet that goal 😦 I over estimated how my pregnancy, delivery and recovery would go. Little Miss M cooked for two extra weeks, and I had a c/s. That meant that I was in no shape to run until almost September. I had planned to do a 5k in August, a 10k in October and then work up from there to a half in March and the full in May.

I did a mile race and The Fugitive run in September and that was it. I didn’t run again until January when I signed up for the Pittsburgh Half with Team in Training. What’s that they say about the best laid plans?

I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. Some how, though I did a horrid job of training, I set a PR for a half. 13.1 miles in 2:36. Now, this was my third half and I’d gotten faster by about 6 minutes each one! Not too shabby for a slow girl right?

Well a lady from my neighborhood started a Facebook chat for her runner friends and she was all like “Call me crazy, but I want to run a marathon, anyone else in?” Well call me crazy too, because I’ve signed up to run the Philadelphia Marathon.

Yup, 26.2 miles. I’m running with Team in Training again. I’m scared out of my mind!

My longest long run since May has been 9 miles, and a slow 9 at that. Of course, crazy as it sounds, I need to work on slowing down! I think it was also slow because I was listening to podcasts and not music.

I signed up to finish the race in 5.30. Russ looked at me and told me that it should be doable for me. I think it will be. Even if I do some extra walking. If I get my butt in gear I will do this.





Take 3

I really have a desire to be a blogger. My husband is a successful blogger and I have several blogger friends. I’m really not a writer though. I feel like no one wants to read what I have to say. I really want to be a runner (okay, I am a runner) but have a hard time getting motivated. Maybe running can be my motivation for blogging and my motivation for running can be…? I don’t know, but food is my usual answer!

So, inspired by Runthusiast, I’m going to try blogging about my running again, let’s see how this goes, eh?


Never Updating

I know I promised to write about Disney and I haven’t. 😦

I ran the PAEYC 5k for Learning in October and then two days later found out I was pregnant! That magic little double line instantly sapped out my energy and I haven’t run since then. I’m hoping to get back out there since the weather has been nice so I can run/walk the Pirates Charity 5k in April. After that, I’ll probably be done racing until September. I do have a goal set though…26.2 miles in 2013! I’m hoping to run the full Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2013, so we’ll see how that goes.


…update coming soon! I promise!

That is my friend Lynn. Lynn trained with me for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. Every Sunday we’d be out running laps around North Park. She is pretty awesome! We met up last Saturday for a small community race about an hour from the ‘Burgh (an hour for me, Lynn lives right down the road from the park.) I was hoping to PR and run it in under 34 minutes. I didn’t take into account that it’d be so hot so early or that they’d throw in a trail at the end.

169       Sandra Stover*, Pittsburgh, PA             36:53   11:54

That's what I got. Not bad, not my worst time (that would be this  
827 2272 399 W20 Sandy Stover, 29*, Pittsburgh, PA 41:40 13:26)

I have moved down a couple of pace groups so that makes me happy! 

I'm going to go out on a long run tomorrow, hopefully 7 or more miles. I've been doing 4-5 
on my 'short' runs during the week so we'll see. 

Only 47 days till Disney!

Disney Bound

In only 56 days! Am I ready? No, not so much, but then I felt the same way before Pittsburgh too. I did a 5 miler on Tuesday and I’m doing a 5k on Saturday (as long as my registration went through…the race website is not set up so great)

I’ve learned that I kind of like running when it’s cold. It’s much more comfortable to go from cold to hot rather than hot to even hotter.

How do you guys stay motivated?

Fundraising and Running woes

I am really not meant to be a blogger! Maybe if I could manage to get my photos up I could be a photo blogger…but I’d probably get distracted by something and forget 🙂

I had a bad run yesterday, sort of. I also had a fundraising party yesterday, sort of. In my haste to get ready for the party, I had a pretty small breakfast and forgot my pre-run snack. 5 miles in when we stopped for Gatorade and gels, I decided to try Shotbloks instead of my usual gel. Around mile 6 my shoe came untied, and when I stood up, I was light headed. That never really went away until we stopped again and I downed some Gatorade and a granola bar. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to do one more mile like everyone else did. I say it was sort of a bad run because despite the extended walk breaks, I only finished about 3 minutes later than my last 10 miler. It is runs like that that make me find it hard to believe that I can really do 13 with only 25 days left to train.

I say I sort of had a fundraising party because no one came 😦 Well my good friend Alison, who was selling Scentsy, and my SIL came, but three people don’t really make a party. Despite that I am doing well with the fundraising. We had a 250 minimum goal by last week and a 500 goal by the first of May. I’m well past both of them, but would really like to reach 1,000!


To run today 😦 I need to get over running alone. Thank goodness that the long runs are never done alone, or I’d never go!

I found out last Sunday that even though Lynn and I run intervals and it feels like the other ladies are so far ahead, we actually get back to our starting point right after them. This means that my 2:45 Disney time might actually be do-able (I just want to finish the Pittsburgh Half, not real time goal, although IF I were to do it in under 2:45, I’ll definitely be planning to go faster in September!)

(I had a longer post, but wordpress ate it 😦 )

A long time ago…

…I thought I would keep a blog about running after being inspired by HungryRunnerGirl. Obviously I have failed so far! But! I added wordpress as an App Tab so maybe I’ll remember more often.

This running thing is going pretty good! I’ve been keeping up with running 2 short runs during the week plus 2 spin classes and weight days and one long run on Sundays. I’m doing my second 10 mile run on Sunday and I’m getting pretty excited to hit the 13 mile mark!

Early Mornings…

… pretty sunrises. I had the chance to take these while the hubby was loading his bike up on the car.

We headed up to North Park to meet up with the other people from the Run MS team. There were only three of us, and the other ladies were nice enough to stick with me while I did my 6 miles. It was so cold this morning! I think that Ellen said that is was about 18 degrees when she left her house. My Camelbak actually froze! My ipod did too, it said that I didn’t run as far as I actually did. I’m glad that the other ladies had better gps systems than me.

So, funny story. I went out and bought some pants at Marshall’s on Saturday. I found a nice pair of Adidas pants and didn’t bother to try them on since I have some other Adidas stuff that I run in. So I’m running in them yesterday and I realize that they are falling down. Since it was so cold the stomach was freezing and I could barely feel them falling down. I’m glad there weren’t too many runners out because I’m sure if there were I’d have been mooning anyone that was behind us!

It was a surprisingly easy run. I’m glad that I stuck with the program that I wrote up for myself (with the help of Woman’s Running). I’m hoping that it continues to be easy, because there are days that I look at the distance I’m supposed to run and I just kinda wonder how I’m ever going to run x amount of miles. This next Sunday I’ll run 7 miles for my long run, which is the longest distance that I will have ever run! I’ve heard that after you’ve run half of the distance that you’re planning to run that it get’s much easier! I’m hoping that is right…getting easier would be a great thing.