…by Hungry Runner Girl to sort of start a blog about running. I doubt I’ll post every time I run or even very often, but maybe having a blog will keep me accountable for the work outs that I want to do. I’m currently training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I’ve never run more than a 10k before, but if I’ve run 6 miles, what’s 7 more right?

I found a training plan in Women’s Running magazine that didn’t seem too scary or undoable. It’s an eight week plan and I’m currently on week one, heading into week two (it had long runs on Saturday and it’s much easier for me to do them on Sunday’s due to work and babysitting schedules.) I’m hoping that I’ll come here and put in all the information after my work outs and see some progress.

Today was a rest day because of a babysitting job. But, yesterday I ran my fastest 5k yet at 35minutes and some odd seconds. I know it’s not the best time, but considering that I’m not really built for super speed, I’m pretty happy. Tomorrow is another easy run of 35 minutes and I’ll run it, on the treadmill, at a speed of 4.2.


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