Fundraising and Running woes

I am really not meant to be a blogger! Maybe if I could manage to get my photos up I could be a photo blogger…but I’d probably get distracted by something and forget 🙂

I had a bad run yesterday, sort of. I also had a fundraising party yesterday, sort of. In my haste to get ready for the party, I had a pretty small breakfast and forgot my pre-run snack. 5 miles in when we stopped for Gatorade and gels, I decided to try Shotbloks instead of my usual gel. Around mile 6 my shoe came untied, and when I stood up, I was light headed. That never really went away until we stopped again and I downed some Gatorade and a granola bar. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to do one more mile like everyone else did. I say it was sort of a bad run because despite the extended walk breaks, I only finished about 3 minutes later than my last 10 miler. It is runs like that that make me find it hard to believe that I can really do 13 with only 25 days left to train.

I say I sort of had a fundraising party because no one came 😦 Well my good friend Alison, who was selling Scentsy, and my SIL came, but three people don’t really make a party. Despite that I am doing well with the fundraising. We had a 250 minimum goal by last week and a 500 goal by the first of May. I’m well past both of them, but would really like to reach 1,000!


2 responses to “Fundraising and Running woes

  1. 3 people totally count as a party! You may have not been able to raise enough money, but I hope ya’ll at least had fun together! You rock for your fundraising efforts no matter how much you raise in the end!

    And you can TOTALLY run 13. You can do 10, and you can do 13. Maybe you walk a little, maybe you don’t, you’ll do great and I can’t wait to read about you DOMINATING your race!

    Before your race, make a list of things you don’t want to forget and put everything out a few days before, that way race day will go smoothly

    • Thanks! I did meet the fundraising goal, and I did do all 13! I’m getting ready for half number 2 in September. Thanks for your confidence in me.

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