Disney Bound

In only 56 days! Am I ready? No, not so much, but then I felt the same way before Pittsburgh too. I did a 5 miler on Tuesday and I’m doing a 5k on Saturday (as long as my registration went through…the race website is not set up so great)

I’ve learned that I kind of like running when it’s cold. It’s much more comfortable to go from cold to hot rather than hot to even hotter.

How do you guys stay motivated?


2 responses to “Disney Bound

  1. I am one of those jerks who legitimately enjoys working out (see most recent post for evidence haha) but running really burnt me out- perhaps a bit more cross training would help you get really psyched up for your running days? Well, that and good music!

  2. We do spin class a couple of times a week, which I really like. I think if I had more people to go run with and more time in the day I’d be better at it!

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